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Joan loves to draw. Her paintings begin with an on site or plein air drawing in pen and ink- no erasing! A black and white print of a drawing is subsequently painted in her colorful watercolor style. In a few instances, more than one painting variation was made from the initial drawing.


Joan’s drawings have been painted, enlarged and digitalized. Over the years with the reasonable priced technology of color copying, prints of these initial 8.5 x 11 inch paintings have been reproduced and sold. Joan was delighted when the 16 x 20 or larger wrapped canvas size of prints became possible. The smaller original sales point of these prints are no longer for purchase. Some of the most popular images are available by special order as a larger wrapped canvas print.

Over the years, people have purchased prints from the Artists’ Guild Gallery or other local galleries. They personalized a wall of Joan Voyles’ art with a collection of their favorite places or images. Other prints were purchased, carefully placed in suitcases and taken to homes and offices all over the world. They are displayed as a reminder of memories of a special visit or their experiences on Anna Maria island.

In addition to the local Anna Maria paintings, Joan and her husband, Carl Voyles, created volumes of drawings that documented travels in the United States and Europe. They loved to absorb the uniqueness of a place as they took time to notice and record, by drawing, the details of that moment in time. Occasionally, a few favorites, were developed into larger watercolor paintings.

Drawings and paintings that record that “Old Florida look” extend also to Pass - a - Grill and Homasassa, Florida.

Most of the originals remain in her personal collection of journals, sketchbooks and art.

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